• Liberal Alliance Votes “YES” to Europe

    We find ourselves half a step away from chaos and this is the fault of the most erratic government since the fall of the dictators in 1974. Showing complete irresponsibility and adventurism the coalition government of SYRIZA & Independent Greeks is trying to escape from the dead-end it created, by blackmailing the Greek people through a referendum, with unconstitutional characteristics and no clear question; while the economy is collapsing.

    The Liberal Alliance is condemning the suspicious way the referendum has been organized and the polarization it caused. We ask for the immediate resignation of the government and the formation of a national unity government which will start negotiations with our partners in order to reach an agreement which will combine deep structural reforms and spending cuts.

    The Liberal Alliance will support any attempt which will secure Greece’s European future and the improvement of the Greek economy and its democratic institutions.

    A “YES” vote on July 5th means “YES” to remaining a member of the Eurozone and the European Union.