Liberty within, peace without.
This is the entire plan.

We at Liberal Alliance believe that each person has his own values, priorities and needs. In a free society, all these are expressed through daily decisions and acts. Unfortunately in Greece the State considers that it knows better what our values and needs are. And that it is better to make these decisions on our behalf. To our own benefit; off course. It is, therefore, not an accident that we Greeks disregard state restrictions at every opportunity. The ideological establishment is trying to convince us that we behave irresponsibly and unethically. But, deep inside of us, we all know that it is the Greek State that is irresponsible and unethical. The unethical State that tries to enforce total order by regulating everything. The unethical State that has been taken over by vested interests and oligarchs. The Greek state is responsible for the total chaos that prevails throughout the country; not the Greek temperament.

We believe that people have the right to act freely, in accordance to their own values, priorities and needs, as long as their acts do not violate the equal rights of other people. We know that the state is necessary, but we believe that its main purpose is not to limit people’s freedom, but rather to protect their rights, to regulate issues which are not easily regulated individually and to protect those in need. We believe in a free society where the state is limited through the rule of law. Where laws are few, simple, clear, consistent and easily understood, and enforced on all occasions without exception, applied impartially and define spheres of personal freedom within which each person can act without having to worry about state violence. We believe in a free society in which whenever the state intervenes in people’s lives –as for example in the areas of health, social security and education– it does not offer a single and by definition compulsory choice, but rather lets people free to choose from a range of choices offered by the public and private sector.

We know that a free society sets human creativity, ingenuity and innovation free. And that it creates wealth. Because in a free society people are not getting reach by exploiting other people. They are not getting reach by making other people poorer. Rather, they get reach by offering goods and services that other people want. They are not getting reach by making the lives of their fellow citizens better. It is no accident that more free countries are also wealthier.

We know that a free society is not a perfect one, because it is a society of people, and no one is perfect. But we also know that neither politicians nor bureaucrats are perfect, brilliant or saints. We know that power corrupts and that the state tends to expand and interfere in people’s lives and gradually limits their freedom. We believe that we, as Greeks, have the obligation to fight to safeguard the liberty that our ancestors died for.

We know that a free society is flexible and dynamic. It is a society that is able to adapt and deal with any difficulty. A confident society that is not afraid of diversity. A society which doesn’t think that it is surrounded by enemies; but, rather, by friends, allies, partners and customers. And we know that a free society is not afraid to effectively deal with any real danger without forgetting its own values.

We envision Greece actively defining European Union toward safeguarding the freedom of European people. A European Union which is less bureaucratic and is not steadily increasing its own jurisdiction by limiting the national independence of member states, but rather contributes towards decentralization and delegation of responsibilities and power to financially and administratively independent local governments.

Our Program is based on these values. It is simple and comprehensive, because we have two goals:

  • to set people free to regulate their own lives and
  • to take a clear stand.

The substance of our program is reflected in the words of the French classical liberal politician and economist Frédéric Bastiat: “Liberty within, peace without. This is the entire plan”. We invite you to read it and compare it with the programs of other parties. We know well that it is unlike any other. And we are proud of it.